Our Team

Andry Tryfonos, Managing Director

Andry is the founder and MD of SUXESS. She is actively involved in all areas of our client service from the first time a client calls, throughout their continuing relationship with the firm. She is in charge of the firm’s “tickle system” to ensure that our clients’ needs are met in a timely manner.

She possesses the skills and experience necessary to provide sophisticated representation in the ever-developing areas of business.


The partners and staff of Suxess aim to provide the best professional services to all clients, understanding their individual needs and ensuring prompt and efficient handling.

Tryfonas Tryfonos,  Manager


Tryfonas is a Graduate of Frederick University in Cyprus in Business Administration and he also has obtained a master degree at Northumbria University in Newcastle in International Human Resource Management.

He is part of SUXESS team formulating the overall policy of our company and furthermore he is in charge of our marketing department.